Monero {XMR} struggles to find pace; MyMonero API connectivity is facing problems

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Monero is ranked at #13 on coinmarketcap. The token plummeted by 3.44% and XMR is currently valued at $78.97. The price may reach beyond $80, if the bearish momentum subsides. The trading volume recorded is $85.191 million. The supply comprises of 17,119,422 XMR tokens, and this is a mineable currency.

The total market cap of Monero is $1.351. Monero is decentralized and privacy-focused, with some believing it is a better option that Bitcoin for transactions. The usage of a variety of features which bolsters security helps shield the addresses of senders and receivers from prying eyes of governments, hackers, and so on.

Monero has found a great fanbase in China and some regions of Africa. Especially in China, due to pressure from the dominating government, Monero has seen a lot of adoption. There is a possibility that it may be popular in India after 2019, as the draft law banning cryptocurrencies was announced a short while back. This privacy-based coin has garnered more popularity than ZCash within a year.

The event for August, i.e. Monero Village schedule has been announced. Head to this site if you wish to know more about the details of various programmed associated with it:

A problem connecting with the MyMonero API was unveiled 12 hours ago. Since then, the issue has been dealt with, though one or two accounts may still be affected. Those who who need help, you can mail your grievances to

The Tails Integration will be released during the next update. This has caused many in the community to rejoice. The Monero Konferenco 2019 took place during the previous month this year. What sets Monero apart from the other altcoins includes the involvement of countless in the community, as volunteers, developers, and so on.

For now, Cardano is ahead of Monero, but this situation might be altered by next week.

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