Is Stellar out of the Marathon of favorite altcoins?

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Today in Manhattan, Stellar and Blockchain Innovation Associated are conducting a meet up to discuss the partnership further. Let’s hope that it succeeds the trades of XLM too.

Stellar Price Analysis and Forecast:

The value of XLM is trading at $0.06004 at 12:07 UTC on 5th September 2019. On 3rd September at 23:48 UTC, the value was trading at the highest value of $0.0631. The value then dropped by 2.52% at 03:07 UTC yesterday when the trade changed to $0.06151. The value slightly increased by 1.7$ at 18:47 hours trading at $0.06257. The value from then saw a drastic drop by 3.99% as of now which is the lowest value.

Stellar Price

Stellar is dropping out from the list of favorite Cryptocurrencies for the users since it is trading in the bearish zone. Only if it slides back to the ‘buying’ zone, Stellar will be able to run the marathon of good altcoins. Otherwise, it might just be a waste of time for the users.

Only if there are any users left in the XLM network, the resistance and support levels might help them to avoid any further losses:

Resistance Levels:

R3: 0.064429

R2: 0.063847

R1: 0.063013

Support Levels:

S1: 0.061597

S2: 0.061015

S3: 0.060181

It seems to be an impossible task for Stellar to slide in the upward direction in long haul movement. However, it might become possible after Meridian meet-up.

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