Chris J. Terry, Internet Industry Veteran, Joins Open Source Blockchain Project

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SILICON VALLEY, Calif., Oct. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Ether-1 is a first ever user-friendly blockchain based web hosting platform combining the power of Ethereum and IPFS for a truly seamless solution dubbed “ethoFS” that can be utilized by individuals, NGOs, SMB, or the Enterprise.

In addition to advanced technology the Ether-1 project also is instituting a unique community driven decentralized management protocol executed on blockchain and via smart-contract. The Ether-1 project’s tag line is “Decentralize Everything.”

The ethoFS solution has been in development and alpha-testing since May of 2018. The project is now ready for early adopters and beta-testing based on recent milestone achievements. “We have been at this for 18 months and the time has come to take it to the next level,” stated James Reilly, the project’s founder. Mr. Reilly continued, “We need to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and the real-world; that is where Chris comes in. The entire team is excited to have someone on board with his experience.”

Mr. Chris J. Terry founded Florida Internet Corporation in 1995, one of the very first ISPs in the world. Florida Internet was acquired by Verio Inc., in 1998 and subsequently sold to NT&T of Japan. Next Mr. Terry founded HostLogic Inc., an Application Servicer Provider (ASP) which was one of the original SAP cloud-hosting companies. Mr. Terry continued his entrepreneurial efforts, with other startups and activities too numerous to mention. Most recently he founded Veriifable AG of Switzerland, a blockchain based solution for Enterprise Resource Planning Systems.

“I have been involved in technology for 25 years with some wonderful people and solutions, but I never done anything in open-source; yet almost all my success has been based on using open source code,” says Mr. Terry. He further stated, “It’s time to do something completely different, it is time to be part of the open source movement. The Ether-1 project is a game-changer; not just the technical platform but entire decentralized approach.”

About Ether-1

The Ether-1 Project “Decentralize Everything” is an open-source community-based effort to bring independence to data with the ethoFS platform and smart-contract management structure. Ether-1 is powered by its own cryptocurrency ticker symbol: ETHO and can be found on STEX.COM and other leading exchanges.

About Chris J Terry

More on Mr. Terry can be found at

Ethereum, SAP, Verio, NT&T and other names and trademarks mentioned are not associated with nor endorse the Ether1 Project.

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