Sextortion scammers pivot from Bitcoin to Litecoin for better blackmailing

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Sextortion phishers are pivoting away from Bitcoin BTC to alternative cryptocurrencies to avoid being caught by email filters, ZDNet reports.

In particular, some sextortionists now rely on Litecoin, as major email providers automatically flag suspicious emails that feature Bitcoin wallet addresses.

“As this latest twist shows, threat actors can switch to the next crypto currency [sic] and attempt to iterate through all the scam’s previous versions,” said phishing analysts Cofense.

Litecoin is just sextortion flavor of the month

Sextortion phishing scams have plagued inboxes for well over a year. They typically claim malware has infected recipient’s machines to record webcams and naughty browsing habits, demanding Bitcoin in exchange for not leaking that data to the world.

To add authenticity, the emails often include sensitive information, such as email passwords, believed to have been sourced from any number of major online data leaks.